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RPA Consulting

RPA Consulting

AmazingRPA is well-known for all aspects of consulting and sourcing company with a laser effort on Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA Implementation

RPA Licensing

AmazingRPA is the preferred partner for scalable and customized assembly for automation and systems –and also has from the primary idea to the greatest well-organized solutions for RPA.

Automation Design

RPA Training

AmazingRPA Training helps you reduce repetitive tasks and errors to deliver customized products in record time through RPA services.

Automation Support

RPA Support

AmazingRPA supports and helps you to implement the RPA processes in your company. Implementing better business process through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and delivering sophisticated and smooth customer experiences.

We are Experienced on

  • Cultural adoption
  • IT engagement
  • In house RPA capability building
  • Virtual Assistance

AmazingRPA has successfully served RPA to world-wide clients belonging to various domains such as Broking, Finance, Healthcare, Media, Banking and Insurance etc. with satisfied customer experience, willing to serve more customers with RPA contentment and support.

Our approach to
successful automation



New upcoming technologies are difficult to understand and adapt, everyone struggles with it. Through AmazingRPA it is easy to study workspace and stimulation. We can help you do the preparation and implementation of RPA mutually through business and technical ways.



Through AmazingRPA we will help you explore where the technology has impacted the most; this will include business building, developing proof of concept, exploring projects and understanding RPA. You will come face-to-face with new and innovative technology.



With AmazingRPA successful Implementation of RPA in your organization can be done, by using our Insights, tools and hand on experience in RPA implementation. This higher impact will be done after proof-of-concept.


A successful RPA implementation

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Cultural Adoption

How to use strong and operationally efficient Robotic Operating Model of RPA.


Helps in onboard IT function early-on to convey strong governance of RPA.

In house RPA capability

RPA aims to evolve, leverage scale, increase business value and benefit the company.

Virtual Assistance

RPA imitates human behavior and communication skills to complete the task.

What is RPA - robotic process automation?

RPA - robotic process automation – can do automated processing of any regulated business processes by digital work force. This advanced technology of RPA enables the automation of repetitive, rule-based processes, and high volume jobs performed by humans. In this robot-controlled process of automation, the software robots (bots) take over the roles and tasks of humans and interact with customers through software systems.

Contrary to a first reflex assumption, however, software robots are not physically existing machines known. Rather, they are known as software applications that mimic human interaction with user interfaces of software systems.

Why many companies and organizations are searching for RPA?

Today, organizations and companies are constantly seeking to improve their efficiency and the performance of their operations with a higher return on investment (ROI). So the interest and implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions is growing in companies of all sizes and in its department processes.

Process automation by robotics (APR or RPA for Robotic Process Automation) consists of the configuration of virtual "robots" and “software”, in interacting with a set of heterogeneous systems by acting in the image of a human being. The RPA captures, interprets, manipulates data and communicates between multiple computer systems without any action on the part of employees.

AmazingRPA solutions optimize repetitive, potentially error-prone, high-volume, rule-based processes that require interactions between different data and applications. Complete work-processing processes can be performed by robots (themselves controlled by other PLCs to verify the proper execution of the processing). Specific anomalies or cases encountered by the RPA will be redirected to an operator to ensure resolution or unlocking.

The scope of the implementation of a robotic Process Automation as a solution is wide. RPA can be addressed to all the organization's back office departments: accounting, finance, sales administration, customer relations, etc.

In order to support your organizations in the transformation project through RPA!

AmazingRPA offers the following services through an agile and operationally smooth approach:

Feasibility study on the implementation of a robotics as solution:

  • Identification of eligible activities,
  • Realization of POC with availability of the solution created by AmazingRPA,
  • Help in choosing the technical solution,
  • Definition of the target organization and essential change management plan,
  • Financial Business Case.

Assistance in the implementation of the solution:

  • Monitoring developments between operational staff and the development team,
  • Implementation of a deployment approach for the robotics solution,
  • Strengthening development capacity,
  • Operational deployment of the change management program.

Centre of Excellence (COE):

Management of robotic processes "in managed services" within the AmazingRPA Robotics.

  • No need for technological investment: use of the robotics solution partner (UiPath).
  • Accelerate the experience with a quick implementation and support.

A team of experts dedicated to process optimization through robotics and certified on our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solution.

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