Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
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Self-paced and Instructor-led RPA Certification Training of top leading Automation tools in the market Uipath and Automation Anywhere. Our RPA training idea is divided into two methods ie. technical and non-technical, which are essential in comprehending the topic.

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AmazingRPA Technical Training Method

RPA Developer

In this training stage, they will learn how to use the RPA programming environment and build up RPA automation for easy and medium-sized processes. They are guided through the manufacturer's documentation, the RPA programming environment, and the first development of an automated process also familiar with the RPA platform's features and are able to manage variables, arguments, loops, and error handling.

RPA Developer Advanced

They will learn how to set up RPA programming in this advanced module for complex processes in SAP and Citrix systems. The participants will be able to set up the RPA programming environment, expand functionalities with their components, set up complex processes, and plan configurability.”

robotic process automation in rpa training

AmazingRPA Non-Technical Training Method

RPA basics introduction

They will learn the fundamentals of Robotic Process Automation in this RPA basic training.

The fundamentals of RPA technology are covered in this course, along with information on how process automation may offer value to the business. They will gain knowledge of the usual phases involved in piloting and ramp-up as well as how the firm should structure itself for these activities. Also, understand the components of a platform and the limits and opportunities of process automation with RPA.

RPA Business Analyst

In this RPA business analyst training, participants discover how to determine actual RPA candidates and their commercial and technical evaluations.

They will gain proficiency in the methodical recording of processes and in evaluating implementations on RPA platforms. They are aware of technological challenges and can predict roughly how long it will take to implement during the design and development phases also the life cycle of the documentation through release and determining a return on investment (ROI).

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